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Xpo 2021 – Outdoor X is an outdoor, leisure and lifestyle expo and is the fastest growing expo in South Africa. Outdoor X is a high-class event, offering that X Factor like no other.

The 38 214 visitors from the 2019 expo were mainly from the LSM 7-10 lifestyle group.

What started out as an initiative born out of passion, has grown by almost 100% since its inception in 2013.

It’s imperative for companies to make use of trade shows/expo’s to not only drive their brand, but to increase sales and to connect with new customers.


Make sure that your marketing works effectively for you. Apply to Exhibit.

Choose where to get involved:
  • Hunting
  • Agricultural & Commercial
  • Aqua sport
  • Outdoor & Leisure
  • Motor show
  • Other businesses
  • Home & Décor
  • Entertainment
Visitor Profile:
  • Business Owners
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Farmers
  • Campers
  • 4X4 owners
  • Anglers
  • Hunters
  • Homeowners
  • Car, bike & boat enthusiasts
  • Holiday and adventure seeker
  • Sport and Recreational Enthusiast
  • Families

Lindsay Saker Vereeniging (Audi)

Absolutely Awesome

Lindsay Saker Vereeniging (Audi)

Sensation boats & living

Best show that the country can offer. Well done

Sensation boats & living

Lullaby Kids Paradise

Great and best organized expo. Shocked how well it went and was great for their business

Lullaby Kids Paradise

The little red shop

Very well organized, it keeps improving every year

The little red shop

Steel Contours

Surprised. Our after-sales was brilliant

Steel Contours

Gadget Emporium

Went very well. Made more sales than I expected

Gadget Emporium

Thoroughly enjoyed it. There really was a lot of people. Friendly and helpful staff who interacted with both us and the visitors constantly


Ford Motus Germiston

Very satisfied with the exhibition overall. Also received great leads for our business

Ford Motus Germiston

Auto City Renault

Very well organized and we are very impressed with the different sections

Auto City Renault

Lifestyle Centre

Everything went great, best of shows I’ve attended. Compliments to Outdoorx on the show layout

Lifestyle Centre

CTM Vaal

Excellent, did marketing at the show and many clients came to the store after the xpo

CTM Vaal

Mega World 4 x 4

Very happy, great service

Mega World 4 x 4

Optimum craft brewery

Very good event. Loads of feet. Very good experience

Optimum craft brewery
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